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Google algorithm history released

The history of Google's algorithm has been compiled in a new chronological history thanks to SEOmoz, offering the curious a look into the inner workings of the prized formula's development.

For the uninitiated, Google's search algorithm is the behind-the-scenes magic that yields results for what people are looking for.

It is the most valued part of the search giant's operation and updated hundreds of times every year.

The history makes for an interesting read, detailing all of the major interesting changes Google has made over the years – stretching back to the year 2000 – and is still being updated.

At a brief glance, many will notice Google's sense of humour for the first time, with updates codenamed after television show characters and musicians.

Such notable updates include 'Florida,' made in November 2003, which directly impacted the success of keyword stuffing – previously a popular method used to bump sites up a few page ranks.

The history is also a nice trip down memory lane for many, causing us to reflect on the days of old when Google wasn't the only horse in the race.

In the early days the search landscape was a little flatter, with many more competitors vying for search supremacy.

Google's eventual dominance in the world of search is due to a number of factors, but most of them stem from the success of the algorithm.

Essentially, the aim of the complex formula has always been the same – to give people the most relevant and useful results for their search – but accomplishing this has by no means been an easy feat.

By constantly reworking the mechanics of the search platform, Google has consistently given people the results they are looking for and as a result has seen it take the number one position, with Yahoo in second and Bing coming in third.

Over the years many changes have influenced the value of a website's content, including the importance of fresh original content and relevant page titles.