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Google+ brand pages analysed by SEO expert

Since the launch of Google+ brand pages in November, businesses have being trying to bring fresh content to users on the new social media platform.

News organisations are amongst those attempting to increase engagement on the social network and SEO expert Adam Sherk has ranked the top 45 media outlets according to their Google+ activity.

Analysing user engagement – the number of 1+s, shares and comments on each page – rather than the volume of followers, Mr Sherk ranked The New York Times as the best performer.

"The post volume varies greatly by page so I focused on the per post averages to allow for better comparison," Mr Sherk wrote in a blog post (January 10).

"The list of organisations is not meant to be comprehensive – I chose a cross-section of print, broadcast and Web-only outlets. Most are from the US but there are a handful of international sites too. I omitted location-focused outlets such as local TV stations."

The New York Times averaged almost 131 +1s and 43 comments per post, while its nearest competitor – technology website Mashable – recorded less than half +1s per post.

However, the results were disputed by Cory Bergman from Breaking News, leading to a re-evaluation.

"I would argue that defining engagement solely as activity per post is missing the big picture. +Breaking News has a much higher number of comments, +1s and shares than +New York Times, for example, because we post frequently," he said in an email to Mr Sherk (January 10).

This led to The New York Times dropping to 11th on the list, replaced by The Next Web in the number one spot.

Interestingly, Mr Sherk's research found that while news organisations such as Fox News recorded a high volume of comments per post on Facebook, that activity did not automatically transfer across to Google+ – perhaps indicating the delayed uptake of the new social network for both users and brands alike.

Posted by Elise Ferrari