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Google competitor WireDoo launched by MC Hammer

A new competitor for Google has been announced, and it has come from the most unlikely source – American rapper MC Hammer.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco this week, MC Hammer – otherwise known as Stanley Burrell – previewed a new search engine, WireDoo.

WireDoo reportedly operates under the motto of "search once and see what’s related", and is based on what MC Hammer called 'Deep Search' – relationship searching within keyword boundaries. WireDoo looks to display not only standard search results, but also related data.

Presenting the example of the search engine's result for a US postal code, MC Hammer showed in a single screen the schools, homes, community information, shopping centres and crime rate of the one area.

However, these results were just the tip of the iceberg – from these results, selecting 'schools' would return results on not only the local schools, but also SAT scores and truancy rates. From those results, selecting 'truancy' would show further expulsion and suspension rates.

"This is not a competitive attempt to recreate search," Hammer told the audience, which reportedly included Google co-founder Sergay Brin.

"We don’t really need just another search engine, but if something adds value then why not?"

"You could always make things better, create the next version," Hammer said.

Currently, keyword relationships are not something that Google takes into account when conducting a search.

MC Hammer gave no details of when the search engine – which is currently in pre-beta – would launch.

MC Hammer's Web 2.0 biography describes him as having "spent the last ten years researching broadband, wireless, and mobile technology and its applications to rich media, premium content and social communities."

He co-founded social media destination Dancejam and is currently chief executive officer of Alchemist MMA.

Posted by Elise Ferrari