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Google continues to top user preferences for search engine of choice

Just when we thought that Google couldn't get any bigger along came new information showing that the search giant is still number one and adding more consumers to its fold.

Recent statistics from market analysts comScore and StatCounter show that users are sticking with a good thing when it comes to web browsing.

In fact, it seems that in December alone 65.9 per cent of internet users in the US open Google in order to conduct online searches – representing a share increase of 0.5 per cent.

When you compare these figures to their main competitors, it soon becomes clear that the search engine is leading its field.

Yahoo was the second most popular provider, with 15.1 per cent of users logging on to their services and closely followed by Bing on 14.5 per cent.

Picking up the tail end of the account was AOL (1.6 per cent) and speciality search engine Ask (2.9 per cent).

And while Bing managed to increase its market share, it seems that most companies lost out to bigger providers.

But these figures are only part of the story and as more and more people turn to their mobiles for searches, it is important to throw these numbers into the search equation.

It seems that in the US – the main trend-setter for consumer habits around the world including Australia – more than 90 per cent of mobile users turn to Google when they want to search for information on the run.

Mashing these stats together is tech writer Greg Sterling, who said more information was needed on how consumers use smartphone apps in order to gain a meaningful insight into the wild and woolly world of search, in a recent article for Search Engine Land.

It is also yet to be seen how the introduction of social search will impact on the user's habits when it comes to online preferences and behaviour, but that story is for another day.

Posted by Aimee McBride