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Google debuts new navigation bar

Google has been debuting a new look across a range of its products over the past six months or so, with re-vamped News, Maps, Search, Gmail and Translate all making their first appearance in recent weeks.

Now, the search engine has announced the next stage of its redesign – a new navigation bar.

Writing on the Official Google Blog yesterday (November 29), technical lead Eddie Kessler revealed that the new bar – like many aspects of the revamped Google sites – has been designed with social networking in mind.

In addition to helping users navigate easily between Google's various services, the search engine's new navigation bar prominently features a share button to allow Google + users to share information with their various circles of friends.

Our writers noticed changes to the Google navigation bar a couple of weeks ago when the links to the various Google services – News and Maps are our favourites here at Castleford Media – began appearing in on the left-hand side of the page in addition to the black bar at the top of our screens.

It appears Google is looking to streamline the system even further – eventually the black bar will be phased out altogether, while the side bar will become a drop-down menu under the search engine's logo.

Staffers have posted an explanatory YouTube video detailing the changes to Google's navigation bar, which tech bloggers point out will provide greater consistency across all the search engine's services.

What do you think of Google's new look?

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley