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Google+ experiences cooking school

The new communications options on offer by Google+ have been put to the test by enterprising individuals, with the Hangouts function being used to spread culinary know-how to the masses.

That's right – the group video chat element provided by the search engine through its social media platform is being used for an online cooking class.

Self-confessed foodies Lee Allison and Eric McKee admit they are not professionally trained chefs, but felt the social nature of cooking combined well with the opportunities provided by Google+.

Speaking to WebProNews, Allison said: "As soon as I got into it [Hangouts], it was a light bulb moment. I realized that's what we needed to be utilising to teach people how to cook."

Since their first few shows, the duo's show has increased in popularity to the point where they need new avenues for viewers – as there are limits to the number of users who can view a hangout at any particular time.

To meet demand the pair have teamed up with exclusive streaming video provider to mirror their show and give their growing audience unimpeded access.

Recordings of the Allison's and McKee's cooking shows are archived on their new site, The Social Skillet, to provide fans that missed their show on Google+ with a chance to catch it a second time round – albeit without the ability to interact with the enthusiastic pair.

The success of the two foodies shows that fresh, original content can combine well with online mediums to access new audiences.

As a start-up, the duo are following the much-cited motto of 'build it and they will come', planning to generate a modest flow of funds by offering a mix of specialist skills classes and premium advertising – although the creators are quick to point out that they will not clutter their site with third-party offerings.