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Google finds a new way to show off news content

When Google rolled out its Hummingbird algorithm last year, it started incorporating a wider range of results into search, such as relevant videos, images and news stories.

The feature that highlighted some of the news-orientated results was called “News for”, which showed relevant content from news sources in a box at the top of the page.

The feature has now been replaced by “In The News”.

Although it sounds like the feature has simply been renamed, “In The News” shows results from all over the web, not just from news sources in Google News.

Basically, anything that is deemed newsworthy has opportunity to show up in this section. Sites that aren’t accredited news providers are showing up in this box, as well as videos and blogs.

It seemed like the whole point for Google having a news box was to show off the other features they have to offer, such as Google News and Videos, so why has Google changed this?

“We will be pulling from all over the web which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users to the answer they are looking for.” A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

“We are always working to give our users the best possible answer to their question. That might come in the form of a video, a press release, a blog, a photo, a social media post or a news article.”

This could be a good opportunity for businesses producing industry news and blogs¬†that aren’t solely news sites.

But with this new change, there have been a few mishaps.

Search results from the news site Reddit are showing up in the section.

While the majority of content on Reddit is news related, everything is contributed by its users, so there is a lot of room for error.

For instance, this search result popped up for “Dunkin Donuts”.

Reddit Dunkin Donuts

Despite its flaws, “In The News” will undoubtedly achieve Google’s role of offering a more diverse range of content, which is beneficial for all everyone.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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