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Google+ gains millions of users in two weeks

Much has been written over the last fortnight of Google's latest foray into social media and already its user base is millions strong.

The release has been much smoother than 2010's Google Buzz, which debuted amidst much controversy over privacy concerns – and eventually just didn't catch on.

Google's social media platform is going through a deliberately long and staggered release schedule, with new functions and developments being added regularly with plans for many more.

By now you've probably read all about its functions, including 'circles' which allows you to be picky about who you share with, as well as 'spark' with helps you find fresh content in your areas of interest.

But most of the conversation is centred on the prospects of Google+ toppling the current Lord of Social Media: Facebook.

Facebook recently followed up its announcement of reaching the 750 million user milestone with a partnership with Skype for video call integration (a feature Google+ also offers).

At the moment you can only gain access by being invited by someone who is already a user.

Basically, right now we're in the honeymoon stage, where those in the know are jumping on board the newest thing whilst it's still relatively undiscovered.

It will be really interesting to see the developments in Google+ – and we’ll be watching to see how it keeps up with Facebook.