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Google gets travel savvy with Frommer’s

Travel and social media go hand in hand, with people constantly updating their Facebook and Twitter pages with trip-related statuses, pictures, videos and of course let's not forget the map 'tagging' function – we want everyone to know where we've been and what we've done.

It seems Google wants in on this travel social media boom. The search engine giant entered an agreement on August 10 with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. to buy all of its travel assets including all the interests of its travel guide brand Frommer's.

This may help Google to boost and deliver more original content in regards to the travel sector, where Frommer's currently covers destinations to visit, holiday ideas, accommodation options and deals and news.

A survey carried out by market research company Lab 42, looked at how social media users utilised the technology before, during and after their travels – with some interesting results that were presented in an infographic.

The results revealed that social media and smartphone technology indeed plays a role in travel plans with 85 per cent of "international leisure" travelers using their smartphone abroad.

When travelling domestically the top five uses of a smartphone included taking photos, using a map feature, searching restaurants, searching for attractions and activities and checking in before a flight.

It also showed that many social media users were keen to stay online whilst travelling with 72 per cent posting photos of their holiday whilst still on vacation, 70 per cent updating their status and 46 per cent checking into a location.

The influence social media and online resources have on the way people travel is quite immense judging from these results, where Google's acquisition of Frommer's may provide the platform for more fresh content.

Posted by April Revake.