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Google Glass peers into Twitter and Facebook

Google's innovative new technology, Google Glass, will help to transform the way people share their experiences of the world, with the glasses taking pictures and recording videos from the wearer's point of view.

Google Glass doesn't only have the ability to capture pictures and videos, with the glasses also able to respond to your commands, allowing you to view maps, pictures and search for information as a type of 'wearable computer'.

Twitter revealed yesterday (May 16) that you will be able to share Google Glass photos through their platform, with the Tweet automatically including the text, "Just shared a photo #throughglass."

Google Glass users simply have to visit to enable Twitter sharing, with the new technology to be available to the public sometime in the near future.

"In addition to sharing photos, you can also keep up with the people you follow on Twitter through notifications — for mentions, DMs and Tweets from users for whom you’ve turned on notifications. As always, you can reply to, retweet or favorite these Tweets," Twitter states in a blog post.

The use of Google Glass can help to bring some creative edge to your Twitter campaigns, giving your followers a unique view of your business activities, staff events and more.

Your Google Glass activities can also be shared through Facebook, with users also needing to enable the social network on their MyGlass page.

To share photos from Glass to Facebook you'll then need to set up sharing contacts on the MyGlass website clicking on the Only Me, Friends and Public cards to add them as sharing contacts. Users under 18 can only share with the Only Me and Friends contacts.

Christina Bonnington of Wired's Gadget Lab blog reported that Google announced at their I/O developer conference the first "big wave" of third-party Glassware apps.

According to the New York Times those who own Google Glass will be able to access – along with Twitter and Facebook – news updates from CNN, reminders and notes from Evernote and get tips from Elle.

Posted by April Revake.