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Google trying to share the spotlight with local businesses

Having a prominent online presence may sound like something that only large international businesses need to worry about. But as consumers continue to rely on the internet for more and more everyday tasks, we are seeing a growing need for small businesses to establish themselves online in order to reach their local communities.

Over five million Australians work in small businesses, and overall these local enterprises contribute to around one third of Australia’s GDP, according to the Google Australia Blog.

And it’s these small entities Google is trying to help. The search company often favours local businesses in search results over larger national conglomerates, and now Google has partnered up with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in hopes of bringing these local businesses online. Google has made it its mission to help out local businesses.

Now the search engine is supposedly working on a new product that will connect users with local home service providers, such as plumbers and electricians, people close to Google told Buzzfeed.

At present, if you were to search for home service providers on Google, links to these businesses would appear alongside relevant ads, but this new product in the works will apparently connect users directly with industry professionals.

While it is unclear how, Google has said the new product won’t be a separate service, but part of Google’s normal Search function where Google can target search queries by matching them up with.

The exact details of this product is a closely guarded secret, but the company is scheduled to talk more in-depth about it at an upcoming advertising conference.

The company has also been working on a price comparative service, which will also help shine the spotlight on local business. Last month, Google added car insurance to its Google Compare service, a price comparison feature that automatically pops up in search results. Users simply enter their zip code and have access to all the different rates for auto insurance in their area.

Google Compare is currently being used for credit card comparisons in the US, and auto insurance, travel insurance, and mortgage quotes in the UK.

As Google continues to try and make local businesses more prevalent online, small businesses will also need to step up their game.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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