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Google launches new API, targets developers

Search engine Google has unveiled its latest user update – the Application Programming Interface (API) – which will allow programmers to develop apps for its social networking site.

Programmers and third party developers will be able to access public data, which is taken from Google+ user profiles, to assist in the creation and design of web based apps.

In what is being described as a "first step" by Chris Chabot, Google+ developer relations spokesperson, the new API is a move toward a more cohesive platform for integrating apps and the sites social media offerings.

While the current version of Google's API may still be in its infancy, the company looks set to boost its online presence by employing a similar social media strategy to that of its competitors.

Chabot, writing on the official Google+ blog, said: "We want every one of you who builds applications to be able to include rich sharing, identity, and conversations in your app."

These conversations are likely to be different from the ones developers currently generate on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Those looking to build apps in a similar manner to that of Facebook apps will find that their are limitations to the Google+ API.

In its current form, the +Platform is limited to public posts (information that is already available on Google) in a read-only format.

A courtesy usage quota also places further restrictions on developers, as it restricts their ability to source data and therefore limits the scope of the apps that can be made.

The success of rival social networks such as Facebook, as well as its ability to integrate apps with user features, means that Google is effectively playing catch-up by launching its own API.

API platforms have long been a part of the Facebook and Twitter experience and now it seems Google is keen to enter this development space.