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Google launches new programming language for handheld devices

Google has announced a sneak preview of its latest product development Dart, according to an industry blog.

Designed to overcome the limitations of JavaScript the new programming language is being described as a "structured yet flexible" approach to building web applications on the Google Code blog.

Lars Bak, software engineer and project leader, said that the language could be use in small and large-scale projects and that it came with a wide range of new features.

These include a range of Dart libraries with basic terminology and instructions, as well as tools for "checking, compiling and running" the new code on your computer.

Importantly, applications can be built using Dart code on either a native virtual machine – using your computer as a platform to complete any number of operation system tasks – or a complier, which translates Dart code to JavaScript.

And while it is possible to use Dart for relatively straight-forward assignments, it is purpose-built for more complex operations.

It is also possible to run Dart based application on any modern browser, which offers a type of versatility that is not always present in other programming languages.

It also means that individuals and brands will be able to improve the ways they share original content on a variety of platforms.

Dart code allows professionals to create high-performance applications for mobiles, handheld devices and office or home computers.

Bak asserted: ""We look forward to rapidly evolving Dart into a solid platform for structured web programming."

Although, it is still in its early stages of development, Dart is being described as an efficient and effective way to generate quality web applications.

And with the mobile-computer market continuing to expand, it is expected that this development will offer a range of opportunities for improving the quality of mobile online experiences.