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Google launches Penguin 2.1

Last week Google revealed that the new Hummingbird algorithm has already been in place for the past month, causing a massive stir in the SEO community. Now, as many are still trying to wrap their heads around the new change, Google has announced the arrival of Penguin 2.1.

Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts announced the arrival of Penguin 2.1 late last week on his Twitter profile. The update is already live and is said to affect roughly one per cent of all websites.

The new Hummingbird algorithm is designed to respond to full sentences and questions, as opposed to just keywords.

Penguin updates target websites using spam to increase their search ranking. So far, there have been five updates to the original Penguin algorithm over the past year and a half.

Hummingbird is an entirely new search ranking engine, while the new Penguin update is an algorithm that operates alongside Hummingbird, filtering out bad websites.

The last update was Penguin 2.0, which took effect on May 22 and targeted approximately 2.3 per cent of English-US websites. Even though it was the fourth update, it was named Penguin 2.0 because it was an updated algorithm, not a data refresh, Cutts explained on his website.

On Google’s Webmaster Central Blog it explains what types of sites Penguin will affect. Those that use techniques such as keyword stuffing and link schemes to increase their ranking, instead of original content, have been termed “Black Hat Webspam”.

Meanwhile, websites that aim to to benefit the quality of a user’s search experience have been termed “White Hat SEO”. Google assures site owners that if they use honest techniques and have high-quality, fresh content, they should be rewarded with a good search engine ranking.

Posted by Dylan Brown