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Google makes Project Glass available for pre-order at I/O conference

The next era of social media integration may be closer than you think, as Google readies its futuristic Project Glass augmented reality headset for public release.

The idea first came to attention in April, when Google released a video in which a man showed off all the ways a Project Glass headset could integrate social media and online information into his daily life.

At the time the video was seen merely as a concept, an idea for the future about what could be.

But now Project Glass seems to be getting closer and closer, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin demonstrating the technology at Google's I/O developers conference in California yesterday (June 27).

Spectators watched as skydivers wearing the Project Glass headset soared over the San Francisco skyline, live streaming a point-of-view video which saw them also rappel down the side of a building and cycle into the Moscone Center.

In February, the New York Times claimed that Project Glass would be available to the public by the end of 2012. Sources inside Google reportedly informed the newspaper that the price point for the product would be between US$250 and $600 – the same price as a smartphone.

Many in the technology community cast doubt on those predictions, but it seems they were not entirely off-base. Glass Explorer Edition was made available for pre-ordering to those at Google I/O for US$1,500.

Don't start getting too excited though. Sergey Brin admits that the idea is still in the development stage and that Google still hasn't entirely figured out all the ways in which Project Glass will be used.

However excitement is building about the potential for this technology to change the way we integrate our lives with the digital world. 

Presumably, one day Project Glass users will be able to have fresh content delivered directly from the internet straight to their glasses, receiving updates on the news, weather and events going on in their town.

Furthermore, they will be able to share original content such as images and videos directly from their glasses straight onto social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The news also has implications for social media marketing, as Project Glass promises to create direct communication with your customer base easier and faster than ever before.

"Someday we would like to make this so fast that you don't feel like, if you have a question, you have to go seek the [answer]. We'd like it to be so fast that you just know it. We'd like to be able to empower people to know information very, very quickly," said a Google engineer.

Posted by Zak Wash