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Google Maps opens the door to NZ cyclists

Bike enthusiasts will likely be interested to find out how changes to Google Maps will help them find new cycle paths and tracks in New Zealand.

Earlier this week (September 10) I wrote about the modifications that the search giant has made to its Google Maps application, announced by vice-president of Google Maps and Earth Brian McClendon on the company blog (September 6).

On top of the changes I mentioned previously, the search engine has made amendments to the widely-used navigation application to improve its usability for Kiwis – which may be particularly appealing to cyclists in New Zealand as the development now allows local cyclists access to cycleway routes on Google Maps.

In the past, keen cyclists had to rely on word of mouth or for updated maps to be printed to find new bike trails, but now you can use Google Maps as a reference source in the same way paper maps were previously used.

Another welcome modification to the application is Map Maker, which allows users to add and edit cycle trail information on Google Maps – this can enable cyclists to discover new tracks and ensure an updated guide for fellow riders.

This simple change can give you the power to adjust the application to meet your own specifications, providing a personalised tool to help you on your cycling journeys.

Map Maker has the potential to be used to make the New Zealand version of Google Maps more accurate, because users can insert the changes themselves and provide current details about new road names and buildings.

This new addition makes it easy to go in and update cycle tracks and paths and the hope is this will encourage more cycling in New Zealand and around the world.

Google Map Maker can be used to put almost anything on a map – whether it is a dog-friendly park or your favourite winery.

To learn more about Google Map Maker visit the YouTube video.

Posted by Chloe Vaughan