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Google Maps track popular summer spots in the northern hemisphere

With summer just around the corner, it's easy to let your mind wander onto thoughts about what you will be doing during your next holiday.  

To get some good ideas, why not check out what your neighbours living in the northern hemisphere have been up to during their summertime?

The most common way of seeing what people got up to on their summer holiday is from browsing their photos – a phenomenon made all the more easier with social media.

One of the newest clever ways to see what people have been doing this summer is to look at the Google Maps search queries recorded over June through September.

The search engine giant has released data detailing how people on the other side of the world spent their summer holidays.

Using the data gathered during the summer, Google staff have produced an infographic to chart where people spent their time and what they were doing, whether it be hanging out at the beach or going camping at some remote spot.          

"We're honoured that people rely on the comprehensive and accurate imagery in Google Maps to research, plan, preview and digitally experience distant as well as local destinations across the globe," Google Maps senior product manager Manik Gupta said on the company blog on Friday (September 14).

Some of the most popular search destinations in the United States were outdoor locations such as national parks and the Hawaiian Islands.

Meanwhile in Canada and Europe – gardens, playgrounds, zoos and local parks were among the most searched locations.

The data also showed that landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York and Niagara Falls in Canada drew a lot of searches throughout the northern hemisphere summer.

The two most searched locales in the United Kingdom were Wembley Stadium and the Olympic Stadium.

It is interesting to see how our search enquiries can be used to detect patterns in our behaviour and thoughts and in this instance – where we are spending our summer holidays. 

Posted by Chloe Vaughan