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Google: Mobile internet beating our expectations

More than three-quarters of smartphone users use their phones while shopping as the internet shifts from desktops to mobile, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said.

Giving his keynote speech at an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) event in Palm Springs, Schmidt told his audience that the use of mobile phones to surf the internet and access web applications was beating all expectations – even Google's.

During last month's Super Bowl, for example, spikes in web searches on mobile devices outpaced those on desktops by some margin.

GoDaddy, which advertised during the game, witnessed a 315-fold increase in mobile Google searches, compared to a 38-fold increase on desktops.

"This is the future and everyone will adapt," Schmidt said. "People are fundamentally better off with a smarter, better and more empowered customer… it's happening and it's happening fast."

YouTube, Google's video-sharing website, has 200 million mobile views every day.

"We look at the charts internally," Schmidt added. "And it's happening faster than all of our predictions."

Recent figures, also from Google, showed that the mobile device share of internet searches increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent during the second half of last year.

This shift represents a major challenge for advertisers and website owners, who have to get their content strategy in a fit state for mobile phones and tablets.

As we discussed recently, social media platforms can be a good way to reach out to mobile users.