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Google ‘most popular site’ among Australian small businesses

Everyone has a favourite website – it might be that they want to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, read the day's headlines or interact with family and friends. And for businesses, it's no exception.

Roy Morgan Research tasked itself with the job of finding out which sites small business decision makers find themselves using more than others – and Google Search came out on top.

When asked which sites they had frequented most over the past four weeks, 87 per cent named Google Search.

Interestingly, the decision makers that either used or visited social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn were more likely to see social media as an important element of their marketing mix over the coming year.

For those companies that are willing to embrace social media marketing, running Twitter campaigns seemed to be the most popular option.

A total of 59 per cent said this form of marketing would become more important in the next 12 months, compared to 50 per cent who would think about establishing Facebook campaigns.

So what do these findings mean for small businesses? With Google Search proving to be a hit among companies, the need to establish a strong SEO strategy is essential.

This is especially important to any business-to-business marketers – as decision makers are the ones carrying out these searches, ensuring your company is at the top of the rankings is highly important.

The survey indicates that many small businesses are still failing to recognise the value of social media marketing – but this doesn't mean that forward-thinking companies should fall behind the rest of the pack.

Social media has proven itself to have far-reaching benefits for businesses, meaning that every opportunity to take advantage of the trend should be embraced before everyone else takes notice.

Posted by Emma Furze