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Google News announces Editors’ Picks

Readers of Google's popular news feed will notices a new function when surfing around for the day's big stories.

As announced on their official blog by software engineer Yogita Mehta, Editors' Picks are set to provide recommendations from a select number of publishers.

These will appear on the right hand side of the news screen and allow outlets to highlight original content from their own sites.

Mehta says the move benefits both parties as "readers get the news they're interested in from the sources they trust and publishers receive higher traffic to their websites".

The feature was tested last year and will assist those people who want an added human touch for their news suggestions.

Publishers can use this new addition to draw audiences to what Mehta calls their "best, most engaging content".

Currently, Editors' Picks can come from US media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Guardian and The Atlantic, with more set to be added as the feature expands to other areas.

Google news is already the go-to place for millions every day who are looking for the latest news relevant to their search.

To become an approved publisher of news within the search giant, publications must make a Google news submission after having proven to be a regular publisher of original newsworthy content.

The advantages of being accepted mean that websites can expect increased traffic, provided they update their site regularly and maintain the same journalistic ethical standards from the old world of print.

Google also values regular fresh content as part of its search algorithm and has become a valued Search Engine Optimisation tactic.

Websites with blogs and articles sections that keep audiences up to date with original content are favoured and regular publishing have the potential to see a rise in ranking.