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Google Panda update ‘now live in Australia’

Google's Panda algorithm update has now gone global and is now affecting all English language searches – including those carried out on the Australian version of the search engine.

We've been reporting on Google's Panda algorithm change since it first launched in the US more than a month ago. Sometimes referred to as the Farmer update, the improvement rewards sites featuring relevant, fresh content in an effort to help searchers find exactly what they are looking for.

The update made big headlines when it first launched in the US, affecting nearly 12 per cent of total search queries.

Google claims that the international update is likely to have a much smaller scope due to new signals it has incorporated into the algorithm based on feedback. The search engine estimates the new version will affect about two per cent of queries carried out in the US "by a reasonable amount".

Writing for Google's Webmaster Blog, Amit Singhal emphasises that the updated algorithm is "very accurate at detecting site quality", meaning website content is more important than ever before.

He added that further changes are likely to come as Google continues to refine the algorithm, which will eventually be expanded to non-English language versions of the search engine.