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Google+ ranks well for brand engagement

Google+ was destined by Google to be the web’s next big thing, but some would argue that its biggest achievement so far has been to become the butt of all social media jokes.

While the social networking site has managed to gain a major following that is due in part at least to Google forcing users to sign up in order to log into other Google-owned services, such as YouTube or Gmail.

Last year Google+ had an impressive 540 million active users, according to Google’s Official Blog, but even before you look at other metrics, this number pales in comparison to Facebook’s whopping 1.3 billion users.

Google+’s following Down Under is even less impressive, with only 65,000 monthly active users in Australia, according to Frank Media.

Google+ really struggles to compete when it comes to average time on the site. Facebook users spend an average of 6 hours a month on the site, compared to Google+ which only clocks up 7 minutes, according to statistics from Nielsen .

But while the headline stats and the warm-up jokes at digital conferences suggest Google+ has been a big disappointment, it does have some great potential for content marketing.

What the site lacks in followers and average time spent on the site, it makes up for in brand interaction.

A recent study by Forrester Research looked at 50 brands over several social networking sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Out of the 2,500 brand posts, which had over 3 million different interactions, Forrester found brand posts on Google+ had a high level of engagement by followers and fans – almost equal to that of Facebook.

To put things in perspective, Twitter had around half of Google+’s engagement rate per post.


Although this study doesn’t act as metric for the overall effectiveness of Google+ it does show the site is starting to have some traction.

It’s also important to remember the search benefits of sharing your content on Google+. If you share a new page or blog post on your Google+ profile it will get indexed by Google almost immediately. You can also use Google+ authorship to build your personal brand, which is sure to have a bigger impact on search in the future.

Posted by Dylan Brown.

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