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Google pushes for fresh content

Google has implemented 53 new changes to its algorithm in its latest round of search updates that could affect your ranking.

After the introduction of Panda quite a few brands saw a dip in their optimised search rankings due mostly to penalties associated with duplicated content.

However, it seems that the vast majority of companies took this advice on board and have been channelling their energy into producing fresh, original content for their sites.

With this in mind, it is not surprising to hear that a number of business are faring quite well out of the most recent algorithm update – Penguin.

Despite sounding like a cute and fluffy animal, Penguin actually represents a serious move by Google to promote fresh content, good site structure and a broad mix of anchor texts.

In a video posted on YouTube SEOPartner representative James Schramko said that it was now more important than ever for companies to really do their research and find out what customers want.

The introduction of context driven search means that it is not enough to simply use key terms to optimise your ranking, you will also need to take advantage of related phrases.

Words that relate to your market are relatively easy to identify and will help to make sure that there are a variety of terms on your site that are working together to lift your results.

Phrases that bring traffic to your account may not be a part of your current SEO plan, but they can help to ensure that your site doesn't lose out on the latest Penguin update.

To avoid repetition – which Google views as duplicate content – it is also a good idea to rotate links and use a number of key terms and phrases.

Posted by Aimee McBride