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Google+ reaches 50 million users

Social networking site Google+ has reached the 50 million user mark – and the news could not be more timely as the search engine celebrates its 13th birthday this week.

The number of users may pale in comparison to Facebook, which services 800 million people, but it is still a sizable feat given that the site has been open to the public for less than a week.

According to Paul Allen, an unofficial statistician for the social network, the jump in users represents a 30 per cent increase since the site was first released on an invitation-only basis.

By way of comparison, it took Google+ just 88 days to reach the same number of users as Facebook did in 1,325.

Traffic on the site has also increased exponentially with figures released this week (September 27) suggesting that it has risen by 1,269 per cent.

The largest group of people to visit the site were located in the US, where an estimated 15 million people logged in to the social network.

This means that Google+ now ranks within the top ten social networking sites.

Hitwise has publicly listed the social networking site at number at on its official social media board.

This is a huge improvement to its previous position, which was well outside the user top 20 when it was still in invite-only mode.

However, there are more announcements coming out of the site with the rollout of a new sharing feature, which will allow people to open their groups to the public.

Operating in a similar way to Twitter lists, the new feature is an opt-in service that appears as a link on the main page of a profile and allows users to share circles with friends.

But in order to maintain privacy levels, the name of shared circles or updates from the creator will remain hidden.