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Google says a good reputation could boost your brand’s ‘trust’ ranking

For many years the concept of a so-called 'trust rank' has influenced the way people create and share information online.

The term has been around for many years now and is often used to describe website content, as well as links.

And while a number of people tailor the material they upload to the web to fit this descriptor, it seems that Google has its own ideas about what trust actually means and whether it affects page rankings.

In a recent question and answer session at WebmasterWorld one of the search engine's ranking specialists Matt Cutts said Google does not base its rankings solely on ideas of 'trust'.

"Trust is a catch-all term that we use. So PageRank is the most well known type of trust," he told listeners.

He further explained: "It's not that we have something specifically called trust rank."

So if notions of 'trust' influence page rankings then it is important to better understand its true meaning and function.

Cutts says that 'trust' is a type of authenticity ranking that the search engine uses to determine whether they believe a site is reputable, informative and matches the user's search query.

Google combines a range of different algorithms to determine whether they can place their own or the user's trust in your page.

Factors that influence these algorithms include fresh content, high quality links and the reputation of the site – which is often based on user feedback.

According to Cutts if you have "very high quality links, then you tend to earn a lot of trust with Google," but there are more than 200 different signals that the search engine uses to determine rankings.

When asked further about how a brand could boost their rankings on Google searches Cutts was clear that what you need is a reputable site that contains informative and relevant information to the user.

"We're basically just trying to say, in the general scheme of things, how much reputation, or how much are we willing to believe that this is a high quality page, or a high quality site?"

Posted by Aimee McBride