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Google searches getting more social

Web searches are set to get more social, thanks to a new development from Google.

As part of an update to Google Social Search – which was originally introduced in 2009 – users who are logged in to their Google account will now start seeing social media results from their contacts on Twitter, Blogger and Flickr when they carry out a search.

According to the search engine giant – which also launched its One Pass digital publishing payment service this week – social media results will now be integrated into the Google results for each search, rather than appearing at the bottom of a page.

"We want to help you find the most relevant information possible, personalized to your interests and the people you care about," wrote product manager Matthew Kulick and product management director Mike Cassidy in a post on the Official Google Blog.

Social searching results are only visible if you are logged into your Google account, which can now be privately connected to your other social media accounts.

This feature could be particularly useful for companies who are using Twitter and blogs to communicate and interact with customers – regular and relevant posts could help draw attention from your 'followers' when they carry out related searches.

Earlier this month, it was rumoured that Google entered into preliminary talks with Twitter in an attempt to acquire the popular micro-blogging site. It is thought that the search engine could be willing to pay up to $10 billion for the privilege – 66 times greater than Twitter's projected revenue this year.