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Google still bossing Aussie search

Google, the world's biggest search engine, continues to dominate the search market in Australia and New Zealand. Figures for the year to October 31st from StatCounter show that more than 95 per cent of searches in Oceania used Google rather than one of its rivals.

While the likes of Bing / Yahoo hold a more sizeable share of the search market in other regions, they are barely registering here with Google the only show in town.

These latest stats highlight just how important Google is to any organisation with a serious web presence. If you run a website, you need to understand how Google works and how you can help it find your pages.

If you're regularly publishing relevant, well-optimised content and following basic SEO best practice, you're much more likely to rank well for your target keywords. With organic search still dictating where the majority of web users end up, getting this right can deliver real value.

But it's important to remember that there are other ways to connect with your target audience. Some of what's said on popular social media platforms is indexed by Google, but a lot of it isn't. That means a decent website won't necessarily get you in front of the 500 million people on Facebook or the 200 million Twitter users.

Identifying suitable social media platforms and contributing good content can help build your brand and provide opportunities to learn more about your customers, competitors and suppliers. Once you've created a profile in your chosen environment, you need to get publishing. By pushing relevant, engaging material out there, you'll be able to create following and encourage closer engagement from your target audience.