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Google strengthens its attack on scammers

Google’s AdWords is a popular choice of online advertising for many brands conducting content marketing, but the service is also littered with scammers looking to target consumers.

As a result, Google regularly runs reports aimed to spot these counterfeit businesses. A recent update on Google’s Inside AdWords Blog revealed that last year the search engine giant removed 350 million bad ads from its system, a significant increase from 2012’s 224 million.

The increase in scammers was attributed to the rapid growth of online advertising in general, as well as Google’s constant improvements of its detection systems.

However, the amount of advertisers Google pulled from its system reduced from 850,000 to 270,000. The post also revealed that the report banned a total of 14,000 advertisers from selling counterfeit products.

In order help improve the user’s experience, Google plans to introduce short surveys. They will appear after a user as muted an ad and ask the user why they did it. Google hopes this will make ads more relevant as well as spot advertisers who are violating its policies.

Online scamming is a particular problem this time of year, with scammers targeting New Years resolution goal-setters with weight loss techniques. Many of these ads offer weight loss for very little or no effort on the consumer’s part.

Last Week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released a press release warning consumers to watch out for these scammers.

The press release cited that the average victim lost $165, costing Australians $20,000 last year, a 70 per cent increase since 2012.

If your brand is investing in paid advertisements, or any form of online advertising for that matter, it is important to show your brand is trustworthy.

A good way to achieve this is through releasing regular content. Having a frequently updated company blog, being an active on social media, and conducting case studies can help prove to consumers that you are a legitimate business, as well as attract more traffic to your site.

Posted by Dylan Brown