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Google takes a step into digital memo market

We all know the feeling of writing something down on a scrap of paper, only to wonder where we've put it.

OK, so it might not be one of life's greatest problems, but Google being the innovator it is has spotted a gap in the market by introducing Google Keep.

The premise is simple – use the online storage facility to write short memos to yourself or keep checklists to avoid having to search for those pesky pieces of paper.

We all know that Google strives to make life easier in any way it can, which is why you can even create voice notes – Google Keep is able to transcribe messages if typing is not an option.

Everything you create will be safely stowed away in Google Drive, which is ready for you to log in and retrieve the information you need.

Keep can be installed on any Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and above, simply by accessing Google Play. All your devices can be synced so those all-important notes are never out of reach.

There is a widget that can be pinned to your screen so the notes can be dropped into and accessed without too much hassle.

Colour-coding has also been adopted so you know which notes relate to what – simple!

Sticking to what it does best, Google has also introduced a search function to the system, meaning you can access your notes with greater ease.

Once you've finished with the note, there's the option to either archive or delete it.

The jury is out on how popular this latest development will be with online users – with Google announcing that its Reader function will soon be defunct, some may even be questioning its motives!

Posted by Emma Furze