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Google takes us to the best World Wonders

Is being there really everything? Google is bringing some of the world's most popular tourist destinations and landmarks straight to your computer, laptop or tablet with its new project – World Wonders.

From the indulgently luxurious Palace of Versailles in France to the marvel of the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, you can now browse some of the most amazing historic attractions our planet has on offer with a few clicks of a mouse.

This new feature is similar in style and feel to Google Earth and uses street view technology. However, instead of zooming in only to be presented with pixelated and blurry pictures of destinations, World Wonders is bringing them to you in crystal clear quality.

Product marketing manager for the project Melanie Blaschke said that capturing these images took a little bit of extra effort and innovation.

"World Wonders uses street view technology to take you on a virtual trip to each iconic site. Most could not be filmed by car, so we used camera-carrying trikes to pedal our way close enough," she explained in an official announcement on the Google blog yesterday (May 31).

So far, the project encompasses footage from over 130 historic sites in 18 different countries, as well as a few natural phenomenons including our very own Shark Bay.

Some of you may be wondering how Google was able to take comprehensive images of these popular destinations without running into legal issues or complaints from local tourist operators.

The search company partnered with other official organisations including UNESCO and the World Monuments Fund, who both provided informative and original content to go alongside the images.

Interactive and unique, the feature is set to be of good use to teachers and students – or simply a bit of fun for the curious.

Posted by Jess O'Connor