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Google unveils marketing hub ‘Think Insights’

Did you know that one in three people would rather give up TV than be deprived of their smartphones? Or that over two-thirds of people (77 per cent) use another device while watching the telly?

Well there's a host of other interesting key statistics available for advertisers, with Google launching its new "hub for marketing insights and inspiration", Think Insights.

The website debuted on March 14, with viewers able to learn about the latest research in digital marketing and find useful products and tools to help push their content marketing strategy.

You can get insights into a number of industries including Business-to-Business, education, consumer goods, fashion, healthcare, travel and tourism, retail and more!

"Every week, we’ll feature content that spans industries and interests," Google's head of Global Ads Marketing Lisa Gevelber posted on March 14.

Gevelber shared some of the top stories including Understanding the Full Value of Mobile, in which Adidas worked with digital performance agency iProspect to help drive in-store traffic with mobile, and the Hyundai Elantra: Driveway Decision Maker campaign which lets you watch your favourite Hyundai model drive right to your driveway, using projection mapping, Google Maps Street View and real-time 3D animation.

Learn how to enhance your content strategy with Think Insight's products and tools section, which details tools such as Google Mobile Ads, YouTube and Google Analytics.

In the Perspectives section, Google taps into their own experts, digital visionaries and heads of industry to "lend insights and analyses" on the topics that matter most to marketers.

"We built to help you do it all—stay up-to-date on the latest in digital marketing, arm yourself with data to support your business cases and create inspiring campaigns," Gevelber wrote.

You can subscribe to the Think Letter for a round-up of Think Insight's most popular content, delivered monthly to your email.

Posted by April Revake.