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Google wants to help Aussie entrepreneurs

As most established business owners will already know, taking an idea and turning it into a profitable enterprise is not always an easy road to follow.

Business success often comes down to sheer tenacity and hard work, good connections, a little bit of insider know-how and a dash of luck. But that's not to say that there aren't measures you can put in place to help all of these elements along.

According to Alan Noble, engineering director for Google Australia and New Zealand, there is no shortage of Aussie entrepreneurs hoping to make it big and launch successful enterprises – but there is a lack of advice to help them on their way.

"What struck me about these budding entrepreneurs was that although they were overflowing with ideas and technical know-how, they were hungry for advice on things like how to attract funding, find business partners and market their idea or product," Mr Noble said in a blog post on May 8.

This is why the search engine giant is rolling out a new initiative around Australia. Announced on Monday, Google Sudo is a program dedicated to providing exclusive tips to budding business people around the country.

"Google Sudo is about helping aspiring Aussie entrepreneurs become successful entrepreneurs," Mr Noble explained.

Sudo will include free tutorials, events and hangouts on Google+ as well as other collaborative activities.

"It's a start up 'do' – a shindig – that will blend interesting talks, panels and ample networking time," he added.

This could be a good chance to develop your content strategy and get a bit of insider industry knowledge from leaders in global technology.

Sudo is set to kick start on May 30 in Sydney with an interactive seminar – Google is encouraging people to register their interest on the Australia blog.

Posted by Jess O'Connor