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Google’s +1 button hits 4 billion views, gets upgraded

In June, Google launched the release of its +1 button for websites, allowing companies to add a new element of discovery to their content strategy.

The button provides users with the option to promote a particular piece of content on the web – sites that use the feature may possibly rank higher due to increased levels of user interaction.

On clicking the button, a Google+ customer has their preference indexed – and if the same content is viewed by someone in that user's collection of circles, their recommendation will be displayed.

The +1 option is also available on the search engine's results page, with similar features. It also allows the corporation a new level of insight into how much people really appreciate a site with a simple voting system.

New options announced for the button may have interesting applications for website owners, with automatic sharing and +snippets.

Circle sharing means that users will be able to distribute original content directly from the page to people in their networking groups on Google+.

This bypasses the need to navigate away from the site in order to spread the word, making it easier to share.

The new +snippets mean that account holders are also able to choose elements of content from the target page to be included in their sharing excerpt.

A thumbnail image and an excerpt of text can be included in the post, allowing users to gain a better feel of what the page is about before deciding to venture forth – removing the fear of clicking through to a site unseen.

Issues have arisen with these features on other social media platforms. As an example, while Facebook allows account holders to choose from a number of images displayed by a website they are visiting, the text excerpt is arbitrarily selected – no choices are supplied and webpage content can be shown remarkably out of context.