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3 Google Hummingbird content tips [VIDEO]

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Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm was officially unveiled last month and has content marketers pretty excited about the direction search is taking.

If it lives up to the hype, Hummingbird is going to do a better job of understanding what we mean when we type in a search query and will go find results that more closely match the whole query, and not just few keywords.

This should be great news for sites that create and publish lots of regular, high quality content. As Google gets better at drilling into search queries and digging out more relevant results, that super specific page you created will be more likely to get found.

Right now, our three Hummingbird tips are:

1)  create content that answers questions. More search queries are phrased as questions these days, especially on mobile devices, which is the big growth area;

2) get more specific with your content. Look at the landing pages you’ve already created and think about how you could deep dive into some of the topics they mention;

And 3) don’t go crazy. Every time Google changes something it feels like the end of the world as we know it. Everything in moderation is a great motto for your content marketing strategy.