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Google’s numbers whiz

With the actual Easter just around the corner, it is about time that Google released another Easter egg update.

But regular Google search users are warned: the company's latest Easter eggs are only for the truly geeky.

If numbers are your idea of fun, then you might want to check out this numerical offering which features binary and other number systems.

It is easy to find the three Easter eggs – simply run a search using the terms "binary", "hexadecimal", or "octal".

The results page will then answer your query using the appropriate numeral system.
If you type in binary, hit enter, wait for the results to load and, viola, the answer is "About 0b10000010000101001100100000".

Similar results, albeit it with different numbers, pop up for the different key words.

For those who are not as maths literate as they would like to be, you can use Google to convert cryptic results into the more accessible Hindu-Arabic numerals with another quick Google search.

Look for "0b10000010000101001100100000 in Arabic" and let Google calculator do the rest – the same goes for either "hexadecimal", or "octal".

Like so many good things in life – and, yes, we think a numbers game is a pretty exciting – there is a catch.

This particular Easter egg hunt is not compatible with 'Search plus your world'.  You either click on 'Hide personal results' or sign out in order to participate.

And while it seems unlikely that this particular update will be met with widespread enthusiasm, it is attracting the attention of geeks around the world which is still a win for the team at Google Operating System.

Other popular Google gags include the Translate for Animals app – which was designed to teach Android phone users how to understand animals – as well as a range of quirky, cheeky and offbeat user updates.

Posted by Aimee McBride