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Google’s privacy policy goes live

Google's new streamlined privacy policy goes live today (March 1) amid concerns about the way it collates and stores user data.

More than one billion users will be affected by the update, which the company says will help drive a "beautifully simple, intuitive user experience across Google" but others are concerned it will undermine individual privacy rights.

The new platform has faced widespread criticism among policymakers, with the US state attorney general speaking out against the initiative as well as regulators throughout Europe.

Voicing its opposition to the new platform is the CNIL, France's data protection watchdog, who informed the IT company via a letter that it was planning to investigate the policy.

"The CNIL and EU data authorities are deeply concerned about the combination of personal data across services: they have strong doubts about the lawfulness and fairness of such processing and its compliance with European data protection legislation," the organisation wrote.

However, Google's global privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer, hit back at the French regulator in a blog post stating: "As we've said several times over the past week, while out privacy policy will change on 1st March, our commitment to our privacy principles is as strong as ever."

Outside of America and Europe, Japan's trade ministry warned the company it needs to follow the country's own privacy law when implementing this policy and formally address user concerns.

And while Google has been quick to show its desire to fully explain the policy shift, it has not been quite so vocal about what many feel is the main motivator behind the change.

Last year, the company made US$38 billion in advertising revenue – which was easily one of its most lucrative markets.

The company is set to make even more from its new tailored ads platform that pays greater attention to the way it targets users.

Anyone wanting to make changes to their privacy settings can do so by visiting

Posted by Aimee McBride