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Google’s Space Race to include fresh content

Our blog is normally dedicated to fresh content and the happenings of social media, but we couldn't go past this story for wow factor.

There was a time when the term 'space race' referred to Americans and Russians wanting to cross to the final frontier.

But after years of putting space missions on the backburner, it seems that the next lunar landing may not be so far away.

The only difference is that instead of the competition falling on political fault lines, it is now focused on something more akin to a battle between man and technology. 

In what could only be described as a 21st century initiative, it seems that we are now locked into a battle of man versus machine.

Richard Branson has been harbouring a desire to take his customers to the moon for some time – since a trip to the Rotary Rocket Company in 2007.

His Virgin Galactic venture has attracted the attention of A-listers and wealthy businessmen from around the world, but with tickets starting from $US200,000 this isn't a trip that everyone can afford to take.

There is also no determined flight day for this journey – which could make it an expensive trip enterprise if things don't go to plan.

Taking a slightly different approach to space travel is search giant Google.

The company is hoping to launch the first privately built robot across the surface of the moon, which will see the lucky developer win $US20 million.

In order to be able to cash their cheque the development team will have to land their robot on the moon, then have it travel 500 metres and send back a high-definition video as proof.

Google has released sketches of the first 26 contenders for its Google Lunar X Prize.

One of the first groups to enter the competition was Odyssey Moon Limited, a company based on the Isle of Man.

Odyssey Moon is also Branson's bidding partner for NASA contracts that would help fulfil his own personal mission to see ordinary people travel in space.

Posted by Aimee McBride