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Grill’d advertising targets social media

While many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are quickly embracing the phenomenon of social media marketing, one Australian restaurant chain has taken an unorthodox approach as part of its latest advertising efforts.

Australian healthy burger chain Grill'd has come under fire for its most recent campaign, which take a swipe at both social media and the country's growing "foodie" culture.

Leading Australian media industry site Mumbrella reported yesterday (March 28) that the burger company has "declared war on social media and celebrity chefs in a stunt aimed at promoting its unpretentious menu offerings".

The latest round of advertising includes signage that reads: "Attention Foodies. Please respect other customers. No blogging. No tweeting. No Instagramming. No Facebooking. And absolutely no cravats."

Fine print both above and below the main text refers to the purpose of the new campaign – three new burgers that have been added to the menu.

The tongue-in-cheek reference soon attracted the attention of social media users around the country, forcing Grill'd founder Simon Crowe to reply to questions on Facebook – a proactive response that may prove vital to the company's social media strategy later down the track.

Mr Crowe asserted: "We are happy to have people talk and debate any issue and we know that it is our guests & fans that 'own' our brand. Simply put, they didn't get our sense of homour! [sic]"

"…some people have completely missed the joke and actually think we are 'banning' social media in our restaurants!! I can't imagine how we would ever enforce that one," he added as part of his response to user questions.

The campaign was developed by PR agency One Green Bean.

Grill'd currently operates 51 restaurants around Australia and is renowned for generating $67 million in revenue with little to no advertising or endorsement.

Posted by Elise Ferrari