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Groupon’s massive gaffe / brilliant viral campaign [VIDEO]


Groupon, the popular discount voucher website, have either made an embarrassing PR blunder or stolen a march on their rivals with a perfectly-executed viral marketing campaign.

With Presidents’ Day bringing the US to a halt this week, lots of major US brands have been running special promotions hoping to catch the eye of consumers and boost their sales.

Groupon’s offer was a $10 discount on $40 deals, with the $10 paying homage to Alexander Hamilton, who is on the $10 note and is, according to Groupon, “one of our greatest presidents”.

Anyone who knows their American history will tell you that Alexander Hamilton was never president, so the question is, did someone at Groupon mess up, or was it just a sneaky tactic to gets lots of free media?

Nothing trends quicker on Twitter than a big brand making a mistake. The “Twitterati” just can’t resist tweeting corrections at household names.

Groupon says they know their presidents and the mistake was deliberate. I guess we’ll never know…