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Jury still out on content paywalls [VIDEO]


Welcome to another content marketing news bite from Castleford Media.

The newspaper industry has seen its old business model blown away by the internet. From local papers to global media brands, newspapers are struggling to find a model that works in a world awash with free content.

The Guardian newspaper, which has a popular online edition here in Australia, was warned recently that its financial situation had become unsustainable. That warning coming from the director of the charitable trust that funds the paper.

But in a recent speech at the University of Melbourne, Guardian Australia editor Katherine Viner came out against content paywalls, which many in the industry hope will provide a financial lifeline.

Viner warned that paywalls threatened the open web and created obstacles between publishers and their readers.

The Guardian had the third-most popular news website in the world last year, according to comscore, behind the Daily Mail, which doesn’t have a paywall and the New York Times, which does.