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Hamas Twitter suspension prompts fresh debate [VIDEO]


The apparent suspension of a Twitter account linked to the Palestinian group, Hamas, has prompted fresh debate over the censorship of social media.

The @qassambrigade account was suspended last week, becoming the second Hamas account to be kicked off the world’s largest micro-blogging service since the turn of the year.

Twitter has declined to comment, but the move has predictably been criticised by Hamas as evidence of the company’s US and Israeli bias.

Previously, Twitter has resisted pressure to regulate its users or force them to reveal their identities.

Due to the ease with which users can disseminate messages to a large audience, Twitter is seen as vital tool in promoting free speech and has been at the heart of recent political unrest and even military conflicts.

During the bombing of Gaza in 2012, Hamas and the Israeli Defence Force attacked each other on Twitter.

And back in 2011, the official Twitter account of the coalition forces in Afghanistan got involved in a public row with a pro-Taliban tweeter, showing another new face of modern warfare.