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Happy 40th birthday to the mobile phone!

Mobile phones may be something that has infiltrated our lives over recent years, but did you know that they are actually 40 years old?

The first call was made using a mobile handset on April 3, 1973 and it's fair to say that the technology has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Gone are the days when a phone directory had to be used to look up somebody's number, or keeping in touch with friends meant meeting face-to-face – mobile phones make every day experiences that little bit easier.

Let's face it, it is hard to imagine life these days without a mobile phone – and the technology has done more than simply revolutionise our day to day existence.

Being able to get in touch with consumers while they are on the go has also become a valuable tool for marketers, and one that many of them have been keen to exploit over recent years.

Mobile has very much taken up an integral role in any content marketing strategy – get the right message across and the rewards can be great.

SMS has become a popular way to get in touch with people while they are out and about, while websites have been optimised so they can be accessed via mobile handsets.

Marketers have done everything within their power to maximise the mobile phenomenon to their advantage – and the trend is showing no signs of stopping there.

As handsets become ever more intricate – and people's reliance on them increases – there will no doubt be more opportunities for marketing developments in the future.

Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used for making calls and sending texts, they have become an integral part of everyday life.

In 40 years they have certainly made quite an impression – we can't wait to see what the next 40 have in store!

Posted by Emma Furze