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Hashtags make official Facebook debut

Anyone who has their finger firmly on the pulse of social media will no doubt know there has been much speculation over Facebook hashtags for some time.

However, the wait is officially over, as the social networking site has announced that this new feature is ready and waiting to be used by the billions of Facebook fans all over the world.

As explained in a post by Greg Lindley, hashtags are a great way to bring together ideas – much in the same way as they do on rival site Twitter.

Whether people are commenting on a sporting event or a breaking news story, hashtags are a means of helping Facebook users find out what other people are saying, improving connections as a result.

Although some Facebook users had already been using hashtags, these latest changes will mean that they are now clickable, which gives people easier access to the discussion.

For marketers, this could prove to be a valuable tool – Facebook campaigns can be linked to recent events and the topics that have got people talking, therefore potentially improving brand interaction.

As Mr Lindley points out, when a user clicks on a hashtag, they will be taken to a feed of what other people and pages are saying about the particular topic – and the feature doesn't stop there.

There is also the opportunity to search for specific hashtags using the Facebook search bar, as well as the chance to click on tags that originate from other sources, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Users will find they are able to compose posts directly from the new hashtag feed and search results so they can join in the conversation with greater ease.

So what do you think to this latest development? Will it improve your experience of Facebook?

Posted by Emma Furze