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How big brands use social media

Social media marketing is a phenomenon that has swept brands both large and small – it seems like everyone these days has a presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

There are plenty of things that can be learnt from the biggest retailers' activities on social networking sites, as identified by a new report from Brandwatch.

By using a range of analytical methods, the report authors established that these sites can be used for practical purposes, as well as a means of maintaining public relations.

Take Target for example. Through its use of Twitter campaigns, the brand was able to mitigate a potential PR disaster – one user tweeted that a plus-size version of a dress on the company's website was described as manatee grey, while the standard size was heather grey.

Target recognised how potentially hazardous this could be to its brand and promptly responded to the tweet before setting it right immediately, much to the amazement of the Twitter user.

Social networks give companies the opportunity to respond to issues as quickly as possible, showing just how valuable these channels can be to any business hoping to make a positive impression.

Another example cited by Brandwatch involves H&M, the biggest fashion retailer in the world.

The brand is known for using celebrities to front its latest campaigns and generates a buzz using social media – in turn leading to increased sales.

Analysis showed that clothing lines promoted by Beyonce inspired the most purchasing intent among consumers, but those fronted by David Beckham were the most likely to generate excitement.

H&M has been able to use these statistics to strategically optimise other areas of its marketing campaigns, showing just how crucial social media has become to a wider strategy.

It should no longer be viewed in isolation, but rather as part of a complete marketing campaign.

Posted by Emma Furze