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How can infographics fit in with your content marketing strategy?

If you have a lot of complex information that you need to get across to your clients, customers or potential contacts in an interesting, informative way, infographics could be well worth a look.

And when it comes to your broader content marketing strategy, infographics have an important role to play. Infographics, according to Search Engine Land's Andy Atkins-Kruger, "make life bearable to those of us who would dearly like to win back time".

But in addition to providing a quick snapshot of sometimes-complex information for a time-poor target audience, there are a number of other reasons why infographics are great for your content strategy.

Infographics are made for sharing

Whether your social network of choice is Facebook, Twitter or even relative newcomers like Pinterest and Google+, infographics are an awesome way to share information and attract attention from a broader audience than you might reach from your website alone.

Infographics also represent an excellent opportunity to attract inbound links – if other website owners and bloggers think your content is worth sharing (or in other words, that your content is relevant or engaging), they will point visitors in your direction!

Infographics give your company authority

Presenting complex information in a clear, concise and visually aesthetic way is a great way to communicate with your target audience. By creating content that your readers are engaged with, you can help to establish your organisation as a leading voice within your industry – earning you credibility and trust.

Infographics foster new ways of communicating with your audience

According to Andy Atkins-Kruger, all good content marketing strategies should be focused on sharing targeted, relevant knowledge with your customer base. Not only can infographics help you to establish your authority, but they can help you to share knowledge and communicate information in a visually-relevant way.

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Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley