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How consumers actually feel about giving out personal data

A big part of content marketing is getting to know your target audience, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by gathering information about them.

This can help narrow down what content your target audience is going to find useful or engaging and really push your brand as an industry leader.

Europe’s recent Right to be Forgotten ruling has caused many to question their online privacy, which may cause consumers around the world to be more reluctant to give out information.

SurveyMonkey’s Online Marketing Manager Eli Schwartz recently surveyed consumers on their views of privacy, which he contributed to Search Engine Land.

The US survey found 90 per cent of respondents are concerned about their privacy online, while more than a quarter felt extremely concerned.

In fact, the study revealed 62 per cent would prefer it if search engines were forced to delete information that is “outdated and irrelevant” – a clear similarity to what’s happening with the Right to be Forgotten.

Many of these respondents said they have taken their privacy concerns into their own hands, with 58 per cent deleting their history, 53 per cent disabling cookies and a further 27 per cent using incognito or privacy modes when browsing.

So if you want consumers to give out personal information, you are going to need to earn their trust.

A recent study by SDL, which interviewed 1,860 18-36-year-olds from around the world, found millennials are seven times more likely to give out information to brands they trust.

Of course, consumers are far more likely to give your brand personal information if they have done business with you before.

Another effective way of earning the trust of online consumers is by getting your name out there.

Communicating with your target audience over a range of different platforms, such as through social media marketing, is a great way of increasing brand awareness and earning consumers’ trust.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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