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How content marketing nurtures binge consumers [INSIGHT]

When it comes to segmenting your market, a common tool used by marketing professionals is the RFM model, which measures recency (R); frequency (F); and monetary value (M).

How long has it been since this customer made a purchase? How often do they make purchases? And how much do they spend?

Knowing your audience

As with any kind of marketing, content marketing requires a good understanding of your customers. You need to know who they are, what they like and what drives their purchasing decisions.

A good content marketing campaign is built around a solid grasp of these questions. Putting the right piece of content in front of the right person at the right time is how content marketing delivers a return on investment.

Binge consumers

Tools like the RFM model help brands identify those customers that are the most valuable to them, giving them a chance to focus on the needs of these golden geese who can make a real difference to the bottom line.
[pullQuote position=”right”]Customers who go on purchasing binges could have the biggest impact on your bottom line[/pullQuote]
According to a recent study, the people you’re really looking forward are “binge consumers”. These are the customers with short bursts of heavy purchasing activity book-ended by periods of inactivity.

The research, published in the journal Marketing Science this month, also suggests that marketing spend can influence this so-called “clumpiness”, allowing brands to extract more value from these customers.

Nurturing prospects with content marketing

[pullQuote position=”left”]Content marketing gives you the tools to nurture binge consumers during quiet periods[/pullQuote]To get at this segment, timing is crucial. There will be long periods when they have no interest in you or what you’re selling. This is where content marketing can be such a valuable tactic.

Useful and helpful content can give you regular touch points to nurture these customers during the fallow periods in the purchasing activity.

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You can also use quality content to build awareness and affinity with your brand, so that when they’re ready for another binge, they remember you and seek you out.

Content marketing can provide an immediate pay-off by generating valuable website leads, but this slow burn benefit should not be over-looked, particularly as it can be effective with this particularly valuable market segment.

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