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How do marketers measure their website’s success?

As more and more consumers turn to the internet to make their purchases, websites have taken on a crucial role for modern-day marketers. As a result, many brands have adopted content marketing and SEO tactics with hopes to make their website more effective at reaching these online consumers.

But what is the best way to tell if your brand’s website is effective?

Exacttarget recently released their 2014 Annual State of Marketing report, which interviewed 2,500 marketers about what techniques they use to measure their marketing campaigns overall success.

The most important metric to measure a marketing campaign’s success is conversion rates, according to 67 per cent of marketers.

The engagement rate was also listed as a top metric by 64 per cent of marketers, followed closely by return on investment at 61 per cent.

Taking into consideration that the study was about marketing in general, not just online marketing, it is clear that the internet has become vital to the success of marketing campaigns.

As a result of the increased dependence on online marketing, many brands have invested in content marketing as a means to attract online consumers.

Brands conducting content marketing had similar priorities to other marketers. The Content Marketing Institute asked Australian marketers conducting content marketing how they measure their website’s success.

The most important metric is website traffic, according to 58 per cent of Australian content marketers.

Social media marketing also held a prominent position, with 51 per cent of respondents saying they determine their website’s effectiveness by the amount of shares on social networking sites. SEO was also a top priority, according to 45 per cent of content marketers in Australia.

Successful marketing is all about reaching those who are most likely to be interested in your brand: your target audience.

Therefore, the best metric for your site depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve with your website, which may be anything from e-commerce to lead conversion or brand awareness.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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