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How hashtags can boost your Facebook campaigns

Facebook's announcement that it would officially be introducing hashtags raised some eyebrows, but after a few weeks, marketers are starting to recognise the value of this new tool.

However, Facebook hashtags are not to be treated in the same way as their Twitter counterparts, mainly because of the privacy settings that are linked to the site.

In a blog post for Mashable, Todd Wasserman explained that tweets are automatically set to be received by a public audience, whereas Facebook is more private.

As a result, for marketers to fully exploit hashtags through their Facebook campaigns, they need to ensure that people are willing to share their statuses with a wider audience.

In order for hashtags to be a success, a certain number of them need to be made public, otherwise the real-time discussion feature that the site is pushing for will not be possible.

As Wasserman explained, only Facebook statuses that contain the hashtag will make it into search results, not comments that have been made on someone else's post.

A Facebook rep told Mashable: "The reasoning is that you are the one that should control whether your post is in the feed, not someone who added a hashtag as a comment.

"I shouldn't be able to hijack your post and force your content into a feed."

Once these issues have been overcome, then marketers can make a real attempt to use hashtags to their advantage.

Once a specific hashtag has been allocated to a particular marketing campaign, the search feature should make it much easier to track people's reactions to it.

Advertisers can also better target their campaigns thanks to this latest feature – by searching for individuals who have liked a particular brand, they can gain a better idea of who to approach.

The only thing that stands in the way now is those pesky privacy settings!

Posted by Emma Furze