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How have smartphones influenced your marketing strategy?

It's hard to imagine life these days without smartphones – from checking the weather to interacting with friends, they have become an integral part of people's existence.

Of course, they have done more than just shape the way everyday people live their lives, they have also had a pretty big impact on the world of digital advertising.

The Mobile Search Advertising Around the Globe – 2013 Annual Report from Digital Marketing Depot (DMD) sheds light on the extent of this impact, highlighting that Google is now at the centre of the online domain.

Over recent years, mobile advertising has become about far more than just phones, especially as tablets and other portable devices have started to enter the market.

In fact, across the globe, more than a billion iOS and Android devices have been purchased – and this trend shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon!

DMD points out that with smart mobile devices becoming increasingly popular, it is essential for advertisers to take stock and make sure their marketing strategies are adapted properly.

This means looking closely at how people search, buy and share using these devices – and come up with strategies that can engage an audience that is always connected.

The importance of fresh content has perhaps never been greater, as people expect to come across articles and other online information that is current and relevant to them.

Marketers are therefore encouraged by DMD not to ignore smart mobile devices but to embrace them, as it predicts that by December this year, they could make up a third of Google's paid search clicks for large advertisers.

Websites that are optimised for mobile devices will become increasingly important, which is one area the report believes companies can really make a difference.

With so many sites inaccessible on smartphones, marketers have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Posted by Emma Furze